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Blue Birch Capital Advisors Limited (BBCA) provides alternative investment research and consultancy to investment institutions and HNW clients for trading in the Futures, Equities, Forex and Crypto Currencies markets by delivering objective-based advisory through automated signal generation and model portfolio construction.


Blue Birch Capital Advisors Limited is currently the owner of 3 proprietary signal generators that are well distributed in their character, style and return space. Due to their robust and simplistic nature, they work efficiently across multiple asset classes (Futures, Equities, Forex). The signal generators aim to identify market turning and breakout points, and to avoid curve fitting or selection bias, BBCA focuses only on those methods that can be visually confirmed by looking at a time series chart. BBCA introduces products i.e. model portfolios by layering factor based stock selection and allocation techniques to achieve a target model portfolio that is aligned to the liquidity available in a given market. Using various data science techniques BBCA automates and converts the analytical component of Investment Management into a product based solution. Trade ideas that originate from data driven research are reduced ultimately to buy, sell and weights of allocation on daily basis. BBCA continues to evolve as it mines for newer uncorrelated strategies that has a positive augmented sharpe ratio to the strategies it keeps in its chest.


Our products are offered only on exclusive basis i.e. no product is offered to two clients at the same time. Given the current product scope we have available our aim is to remain as the research and strategy advisor for a maximum of 7 clients and no two clients can be on competing grounds in the funds they run. Our clients has the liberty to do trial run free of cost for up to 3 months as a part of walk-forwad test. Our clients are usually Brokerages, Investment Advisors and Investment Managers. Our fees are standard 25bps on a notional fund size annually per product line. BBCA also offers technical consultancy on Predictive Analytics and other Data Visualization techniques. It also runs an automated messaging channel in Telegram App.

Our Team

Golam Sakline, ACSI

He is the founding director and the lead architect for strategies used at BBCA. He is also the principal shareholder of Chronos Futures Limited which does managed account service on Futures Markets. Prior to owning his business he spent 7 years as a banker in the City of London working for LGIM, BNP Paribas, Schroders and Northern Trust. He holds a research masters degree in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Sussex UK, and is also an Associate at CISI.

Bruce Powers, CMT

He is an independent advisor to the firm with over 20 years of experience in the financial markets. Most recently he was President of WideVision, a financial technology and IT solutions provider and online publisher of the Middle East financial portal, where he also served as Chief Technical Analyst. Bruce is a Chartered Market Technician (CMT) and Co-chair and Co-founder of the Dubai Chapter of the Market Technicians Association. He holds an MBA in finance from the Eller College of Management, University of Arizona, U.S.A

Kaustabh Ray

is a Technical Developer to the firm working on day to day development of analytical task and solution delivery to clients. He comes with years of experience working at Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse First Boston, Price Waterhouse Coopers and Natwest. He also has a Masters Degree in Statistics from IIT in India.

David Brown

He is the outsourced IT Administrator dealing with day-to-day computing related issues for the firm. He holds a bachelor degree in Computer Science from the University of London and is also CCNA qualified.


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Products & service available only to institutions and qualified intermediaries or RIAs globally and not to individuals or retail clients.


Feb-2018. A Saudi Shariah Equity Fund Manager in Dubai International Financial Centre has started walk-forward testing on one of the products.

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